September Start-Up

Grade 9 Information

Welcome to the Bayview Secondary School Music Department. Music at a high school level is very different from elementary schools. Over the first few weeks of school you learn a lot about this. Pay attention to everything closely and you will find out that there is a reason why our music department has over 450 people in it.

This page will be updated over the next few weeks to try to help you get involved as soon as possible. Keep checking it out and you will find a wealth of information to help you.


“There is no better way to prepare for life than by living it right now”. The music department is one of the few places in the school where we are DOING things rather than reading about it. Our concerts, our rehearsals, our practicing - these are all based on what REAL musicians do. While you are a member of our department, we consider you musicians because that’s what we do; we create music.

We think that:
Failure is the best source for growth.
Resilience is the key to success.
Fundamentals are critical for learning.
Service is the root of leadership.

Our department is a community. It doesn’t matter what one person can do. It matters what we can ALL do. You can be the next Mozart and we wouldn’t care. We’re more concerned with how you can be your best while empowering the others around you to do your best as well. We only succeed as individuals if we ALL succeed.

We value:
Collaboration over competition
Abundance mentality over Scarcity mentality
Understanding over compliance
People who lead over leaders

Think about what you can bring to our music program and you will have a four year experience that will define who you will become.


How does repertoire work?

This should explain it a little bit. For grade 9's you will either elect to be in Red Band or Black Band (you ar allowed to be in both but you don't have to). You can choose the schedule that works best for you. See the rehearsal schedule for when they rehearse.

You are responsible for attending rehearsals twice a week and attending all performances. In addition to this, you need to complete assignments throughout the year. It runs from September to June and you will receive 1 credit for that.

On your schedule it looks like it occurs every day after school for one semester.  This is not true, it's just how it looks on the schedule because the computer can't deal.  It's too awesome for the computer to handle.

What if I am taking AMI1O1 but I don’t have AMR1O1 on my schedule?

This is really easy to fix. The course selection software doesn’t really like repertoire because it’s a 9th credit when the system was best designed for 8. Sometimes people don’t get AMR at the beginning but it’s easy to fix. When you register for repertoire, I will compare the list to the list of people enrolled in repertoire. If your name is not there, I will have it added manually.

I’m a vocal student. Why is there so much stuff on here about band?

The band program is a bit bigger but there is stuff that vocal people need to do. If you are enrolled in AMV1O1, you should introduce yourself to Ms. Fong and Ms. Harwood and keep your eyes open for Choir rehearsals starting.

What if I don’t play a band instrument or I’m new on my instrument? What should I know?

At the beginning of the year, we introduce grade 9’s to the band instruments. Some people have been playing their instrument or a few years and some have never played an instrument. Some people will be switching to a new instrument. We will talk about this a lot in the first few classes. Whether you’ve been playing your instrument for years or just beginning, you should join band now. The best way to learn these instruments is to play in the band. It will be very difficult at first but you will catch on very quickly. If you wait to "get good", it will be too late. We have done this every year and if you do what we tell you, you will catch up fast.

What instrument will I be playing in band this year?

This is a great question. You will be playing the band instrument that you want to play. Electric guitar is not a band instrument. Piano is not a band instrument. There are a lot of instruments that need to be covered. In the first week of school, we will discuss the different instruments that are available to be played and NEED to be played. No one will be forced to play an instrument they don’t want to play but we may be asking some people to try new instruments to create a good band balance. More on that later.

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