Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've never taken music before. Would it still be a good idea to take music?

The grade 9 music course is very friendly to newcomers. Even if you have no previous experience with music, both the vocal and instrumental course will teach you the basics; failing the course won't be a concern. However if you are struggling in the course, there are music tutors available through the Bayview Music tutoring program, which is free of charge.

Q: Music isn't relevant to what I want to study in university, should I drop it?

Regardless of what your future career path is, studying music, being part of the department, and participating in musical ensembles all help you to develop skills and character traits that will be applicable to not only any form of study, but many aspects of life as well. Traits such as leadership, initiative, collaborative skill, self-discipline, dedication, and creativity are all valued by schools and employers, and you being a music student demonstrates that you're likely to have these. Well-rounded people are much appreciated; in addition to being well-versed in the subjects relevant to your area of study, it's important to have outside interests as well.
What's more, there's always the statistic we've all heard of before: 66% of music majors who apply to medical school are accepted, a percentage above any other group.

Q: I'm in IB and I can't take the music course in grade 11 and 12; does this mean I can't be in band?

It doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be in band. The teachers here at Bayview Secondary School realize that many IB students are active members of the music department. If you take music courses in grades 9 and 10, you will be allowed to continue repertoire (either as a course or CAS) in grades 11 and 12.

Q: I'm consistently unable to attend rehearsals because it conflicts with my other arrangements. Should I still remain a part of that ensemble?

Although the music department aims for maximum attendance at rehearsals, we do recognize that our students may have had conflicting arrangements prior to a rehearsal. However, an issue with scheduling should not deter you from joining an ensemble. The music department is often flexible concerning attendance so long as notices are given in advance, and we try can work out a system that is best for you. Students are encouraged, however, to attend as many rehearsals as possible.

Q: Is there more to the music department than just band or choir?

Definitely, the Bayview music department has all sorts of groups such as jazz ensembles and music council for the big music geeks! Addtionally, students can create their own chamber ensembles to play pieces of their choice with their musical friends! There there is also a tutoring program in which you will be tutored by friendly, helpful and talented music students. The different department-wide events that happen include (but are not limited to) York Music Camp (September), Java, Jive and Pie (November), and the annual Music Banquet (June) to celebrate all the department has accomplished over the past year.

Q: Why should I join choir?

There's a never ending list of reasons as to why you should join choir. The wonderful thing about choir is that it's more than one voice singing together. Our choir director, Ms. Fong, always stresses that it's an opportunity to improve your vocal ability and to learn new skills and techniques, even if you lack any experience. Aside from the technical aspect, choir is a brilliant opportunity to put yourself out there and work with new people, while developing your teamwork and social skills--qualities you can apply to your life even outside of the music department. As well, being a part of Bayview's school choir allows you to audition to join the smaller ensembles such as chamber choir and jazz choir.

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