Benefits to Music

If you are on the fence about taking music, or simply want to learn more about the benefits of music, please watch these videos.

Benefits of Music in Education

This video compiles a series of clips that explain how music can lead to a more well-rounded education. The students themselves say that they feel more confident in school AND outside of school. This video even shows clips of the USA President Obama backing the music education program!

Unlocking Music with Neuroscience

Ardon Shorr does a TEDtalk about the complexity of music, and how its positive effects on the brain can lead success in many other parts of life. This is a great video to watch as an introduction to music advocacy, as it presents the information very concisely.

Why Music Matters

Jack Stamp discusses the importance of music and dismisses the notion that "band is easy". Demonstrating the amount of perfection music requires, he asks the audience to note the difference between a piece of music played correctly and played at about 95% accuracy.

The Value of Music Education

In this TEDtalk, Richard Gill explores the methods in which we teach children in the aural art of music; through these he finds the benefits it brings to other aspects of life and the necessity of a music education that allows them to understand the abstraction, imagination, and personal creativity involved.

Music Advocacy Presentation

This presentation provides the audience with a multitude of benefits of music education in high school, colleges and universities with examples from around the world. These benefits include academic, health and psychological which are crucial aspects of development in teenagers and young adults.

Inside Oliver Sacks's Brain (NOVA)

The well known neurologist and writer, Oliver Sacks, is exploring the idea of how the brain reacts to music. Offering himself as one of the test subjects for his study, Sacks's primary goal is to figure out why some brains can not decode music at all while others are affected by the slightest musical nuance.

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