Thank you for your support

As parents, your support for your children's participation in Music Department activities is crucial to keeping our department afloat. Whether it's financially supporting your child through a music education, or offering the best moral support for our members by attending our concerts, the Music Department could never function without you.

We understand that there are some parents who are dubious of the value of music education and the benefits it will bring to their children's lives. To help parents fully understand what makes music so special, Mr. Horner has compiled binders full of research that statistically and scientifically show that a music education has a huge positive impact on the future of any child, regardless of the path they take in the future. There are articles in this section that will allow you to view the results of his research and make you aware of the value of your child's participation in music programs at our school. As well, Mr. Horner will always be very eager to discuss music education and its impact on your children. You can arrange to have a conversation with him by emailing him at

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