Music Banquet 2017

16th Annual BSS Grammys

Hey Bayview Music Department, the long awaited music banquet has arrived! This year, we are hosting the 16th annual BSS Grammys! Request songs here.





Table Sign Ups

Senior IBs: if you are not coming to school, email: with all the receipts of the people in your table

When and Where:

In room 71 from May 23 to June 2: periods 2-4 for the first and last 15 minutes as well as Fridays after school

What you need when reserving a table:

Table Names

In honour of our Grammy theme, each table will be named after a Grammy award! If you have a full table, you are able to claim one of these tables first! You are able to request your own table award name as a group as well.

List of Table Names
  1. Album of the Year
  2. Record of the Year
  3. Song of the Year
  4. Best New Artist
  5. Best Music Video
  6. Best Rock Album
  7. Best Country Album
  8. Best Rap Album
  9. Best R&B Album
  10. Best Pop Vocal Album
  11. Best Dance/Electronic Album
  12. Best Alternative Music Album
  13. Best R&B Song
  14. Best Rock Song
  15. Best Country Song
  16. Best Rap Song
  17. Best Improvised Jazz Solo
  18. Best Jazz Vocal Album
  19. Best Jazz Instrumental Album
  20. Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media

If you have any questions, email us at

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