Grade 9 Social

Every year, council comes together to create a welcoming environment for new members of the department to get to know one another through challenging and bonding experiences created by the Social Tournament. In the past, we have included games such as broken telephone, architect, and marshmallow relay. However, this year we have modified our social to suit the remote classrooms; we went virtual! Nonetheless, we still provided some of the best games such as Pictionary and kahoot for some fierce competition. Overall, it was a success for our first try at a virtual social and we are looking forward to improving and coming up with better events in the future!

Below are some personal interviews from some of the participants and organizers in the G9 Social:

"The Bayview Music Deparment's Grade 9 Social was actually quite fun. There were many amazing games along with a lot of friendly faces invovled with leading and organizing the event. I found that the Rock Paper Scissors tie breaker w as especially fun for the entire department. Although the time slots were brief, it only added to the experience in some games such as Charades where some groups rushed to find props in order to better their performances. Personally, I thought the Grade 9 Social was amazing."

- Zachary Hew

"Being placed in groups with people you know and others you may not, you get to meet new people while not being alone. With a competitive aspect to the social, you really have to work together in order to try to win the social."

- Casey Gao

"I had a great time hosting and connecting with our new Bayview Music members."

- Selim Afacan

"From experiencing Social last year as a niner, to leading games this year, Gr.9 Social never fails to disappoint! Due to Covid, the online environment caused many restrictions and difficulties, but I found that Social Pod was very well prepared to tackle any obstacle."

- Kattie Tan

"The exuberant, breath-taking, heart-wrenching and invigorating event that was Grade 9 Social contained a plethora of excitement and drama, so much so that words cannot express how the event truly transpired."

- Adam Manji

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