Fall Showcase 2019

Fall Showcase 2019

The Spring Showcase is Bayview's annual spring performance showcasing all major ensembles. This performance is performed at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts by Bayview's own music students for family and friends! The students will be performing at a professional theatre with a live audience. All ensembles will be performing the pieces that they have rehearsed thus far, showcasing their skills, talents, and hard work. This year, the music Department will feature this semester's grade 9 instrumental music classes for the very first time! The Bayview Music Department is also proud to announce that this year we will be partnering with Ms. Wen and members of the Richmond Green H.S Music Department to perform 2 pieces together. To purchase tickets, fill out a fall showcase ticket found that can be found in the atrium of room 71. Payments should be made to Dr. Neceski in cash.

Click HERE to watch last year's fall showcase!

Quick Details:


Participating Ensembles


Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
10268 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 3B7


Children's Ticket (13 and under): $10.00

Adult's Ticket: $15.00

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