Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of Bayview Secondary's Music Council we ask you to read through this message and consider helping us in this time of need.

Your donations will be used to purchase new instruments and cases as well as to make future showcases possible.

New Instruments & Cases: Many of the school instruments are damaged beyond repair due to their old age and need to be replaced. For example, half of our tubas have been available to all our tuba players since the 1950s. After 7 long decades of usage, they are now in their worst conidtions (*see attached pictures). Further, tubas are not the only instruments in this condition; many brass and wind instruments have dents, missing pads, broken keys, and badly damaged cases.

In addition, the protective cases have deteriorated with torn pieces of fabric sticking out from all edges (*see attached pictures). They can no longer defend instruments against violet shaking and great temperature changes which are inevitable during transportation. This causes further unnecessary spendings on instrument repairs.

Lack of properly and fully functional instruments prevents our students from achieving the best music education our excellent teachers can provide.

Showcases: We are struggling to sustain our tradition of annual Spring and Fall showcases at the Richmondhill Center of Performing Arts as well as numerous other social events. These unique mediums (matched by hardly any yrdsb schools) allow students to demonstrate their talents and connect with others. Money goes to making sure that the events run successfully and leave nothing but good memories and fantastic opportunities for the musicians involved.

In light of the pandemic and recent provincial spending cuts, the Bayview Music Department can no longer solve this problem on our own. The average price of a student baritone is approaching $3000, and the price of the cheapest tubas of the same level pass way beyond this number. The long term neglect of this problem (against our will), now leaves us in a complex time of crisis.

By donating to the music department, you, the parents and guardians, are giving students the opportunity to hone their craft in music. These donations allow the music department to continue existing as an encouraging community full of avid music learners and creators. Your contributions will help them improve in a subject scientifically proven to lower stress, decrease mood swings, improve sleep patterns and encourage brain development and an increase in IQ.

If you are considering donating please mail in all cheques made payable to “Bayview Secondary School” to Room 71 (music office) or mail them to Bayview Secondary School. Any amount is appreciated and will help us work towards creating a better environment! Amounts above $25 will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Our deepest and most sincere thank you for your help!
Bayview Secondary's Music Council

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