Music courses we offer

At the Bayview Music Department, we offer three types of courses through the school's course selection process: Instrumental Music, Guitar, and Vocal Music. Here is a list of all the courses we run during the school day:

The other type of course, Repertoire Music, is a course that correspond to the following musical ensembles which rehearse after school on certain days of the week:

AMR101 (Grade 9 Repertoire Music) Concert Band

Currently Bayview only offers repertoire courses for grade 9's

Because Repertoire is a credit course and requires marks, there will be coursework to be done! Students must enroll in the Repertoire course to join the ensembles above. You must be enrolled in an Instrumental Music course to join any of the above ensembles. Also, all students Grade 10 and higher taking Instrumental Music are required to join their matching ensemble above (unless they are in IB).

If you have any questions or concerns about the music classes or ensembles we have, please contact Dr. Z. Chesky Neceski at

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