Music Council

Performance Events Pod

The Performance Events Pod (P.E.P Squad) of the music council consists of students that have one set goal in mind: to organize events that will make memories to last a lifetime. This pod revolves around the performances, mainly concerts, which the music department puts on. We organize and divide the work that needs to be done for a successful performance, from processing tickets to setting deadlines for other pods to meet. Have you ever wondered how things magically come together during a concert? How the chairs are always set up for you with stands ready to go when you go on stage? You can thank the members of P.E.P. Squad and their gathered group of helpers for almost all the work done behind curtains during and leading up to the concert. Our mission is to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Overall, the P.E.P Squad is the backbone to the many performance events held throughout the year in our music department!

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