Music Council

Outreach Pod

A team of dedicated musicians as well as enthusiastic promoters, the Outreach Pod does much more than the title entails. Members of the Outreach Pod manage the department's finances, manage communications with external parties, and reach out to the community for sponsorships.

Financial Management

The Outreach Pod manages the department's money that may come from social events, performances, or charitable donations. They also control the departments spending which may be on things such as venue booking, or instrument purchases or repairs.


The Outreach Pod is responsible for communications with any third parties that contact the music department for any reasons. Most of these communications are with businesses that are willing to sponsor our department.


There are many businesses close to Bayview Secondary School. The Outreach Pod reaches out to those businesses to make connections with those businesses to see if they would be so kind as to sponsor our budding department. The businesses that support us are featured in the programs of our showcases.

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