Music Council

Media Pod

The Media Pod is responsible for all things media based including social media, department promotion, photography, and the all important music newsletter.

Social Media

The Bayview Music department has social media accounts across many different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Links to all of these social media accounts can be found on the contact page

Department Promotion

Promotion is very important to us here in the music department. More people in the music department means that more people are experiencing the joys and benefits that come with being a musician! The Media Pod produces posters that are to be posted around the school to inform students and staff of our many wonderful events. They also produce the videos that go on the department Youtube channel.

The Bayview Music Newsletter

The Media Pod also produces our wonderful newsletter that is released . The newsletter highlights the Bayview Music Department and is about all things music. From music memes to instrument horoscopes, the Bayview Music Newsletter has it all!


A picture is worth a thousand words, so why wouldn't we get our skilled photographers that we have here in the Music Department to capture the many memorable music moments that we have together. Below is a sneak peak of the photos that the Media Pod has to offer.

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