Music Camp 2017 - Sept. 14-17

Applications due Monday, September 11: THIS IS QUICK!!!! (applications after this will be wait-listed)

This camp has been a Bayview tradition for many years. Alumni from the first camp in 2002 still talk about it. We think that it is every Bayview musician’s responsibility to read over this information and carefully consider their participation. The advantages are huge but not always obvious.

Quick Details

Attendees: This is only open to students enrolled in band (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble) or choir.

Dates: Thursday, September 14 (morning departure) to Sunday, September 17 (pickup time TBA – early afternoon)

Cost: $373 (return bus is optional and costs $40 – see below for more information.) Please pay using SCHOOL CASH ONLINE due MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11 (applications received after September 11 will be placed on a waiting list).

Forms and Money Due: We will accept forms as long as we can. You are only guaranteed a spot if they are in by Monday, September 11. We organize the camp based on those numbers but accept more if there are spots available.

LIMITED PARTICIPATION: We can only bring 120 students. The first 120 students registered will be accepted and after that, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

How to Participate

Follow this step by step:

  1. Read all the sections on the website pertaining to camp
  2. Watch this video (it is also embedded above)
  3. Decide to go
  4. Register online
  5. Go to School Cash Online to pay
  6. Visit the download section to complete forms
  7. Submit your forms to Mr. Horner ASAP (stapled, with your name and "MUSIC CAMP, YAY!!!" written on it)
  8. Review packing information, concert information etc. on the website so that you know what to bring
  9. Submit your cabin selection
  10. Clear your schedule so that you can attend the final meeting on Tuesday, September 12 in room 71
  11. Go to camp on Thursday, September 14
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