York Music Camp 2016



We're almost there. Check the weather daily and dress for it (Check the Orillia weather not the Richmond Hill weather).

IF you haven't visited the information below, please do so now.

Know what you're doing for Wednesday (meeting and luggage check-in). If you want to bring your luggage in the morning, you can store it in room 83. IF you need to bring it later than 6:00, check with Horner.

WE LEAVE AT 9:00 AM SHARP THURSDAY MORNING. You don't have to go to class. A bus list will be posted. Be on the right bus. Visit the washroom first.


IF you haven't see it yet, please visit the camp website to review the downloadable documents, FINAL DETAILS AND CONTACT INFORMATION, and CONTACT AND LOCATION INFORMATION.

YMC Website & Forms

Cabin selection

Cabins usually contain 2-4 Mentors (grade 12 students) and 12 to 14 campers.  We try to keep people together who want to be together but that is not always possible.  Keep in mind, we also try to keep cabins to one grade only (eg, all grade 9's in one cabin).

In order to help us create rooms that will work, please do the following:

Send an email to danhorner14@hotmail.com with the following statement:


Hi Mr. Horner,
I'm just pleased beyond words to attend the 2016 York Music Camp.  Having said that, I would be even happier if the following people were in my cabin:

My bestest buddy is:  Justin Bieber
Others include:
Bart Simpson
Stewie Griffin
Lee Min Ho

I should note that in the past I have had some problems with the following people so it's probably best to avoid the following: Kylo Ren, Kanye West (I hate him for what he did to Taylor Swift) and Donald Trump. (these should be people that you have a bad history with but you should also have an open mind about getting along with people; this should only be used for extreme purposes.)

Please note that you've included a "bestest buddy" so that in case I can't room you with all of your friends, I'll make an effort to keep the bestest buddy together.  YOUR BESTEST BUDDY AND OTHERS SHOULD ALL SELECT YOU AS WELL OR IT WON'T WORK.  This means you might have to confirm this with people before you send the list.  It does not have to contain a full list of 14.  BE CAREFUL OF PEOPLES FEELINGS AND BE AS INCLUSIVE AS POSSIBLE.


Packing Suggestions

You should have three basic things for camp that need to be clearly labelled (tags will be provided):

  1. Luggage for clothing etc.
  2. Instrument
  3. A garbage bag with a pillow and a sleeping bag (optional sheets and blanket)

Music Camp is like any other four day excursion but there are a few other things to consider. You should create a checklist to make sure that you have enough of everyday items such as clothing and toiletries. The main thing to consider is the weather. Anything goes at this time of the year. At night, the temperature can really drop so bringing mittens, scarves and warm coats is not such a bad idea. The cabins have rustic bathrooms that are fully equipped with showers that work well. There is not much time and need to do too much fancy stuff. Hair dryers and makeup are not really Music Camp items. So, here’s a quick list of things to consider....

  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc.)
  • Towel
  • Clothes for four days considering that the temperature can range from 0 degrees at night to 30 degrees during the day (watch the weather reports as we get closer to the departure date)
  • Rain gear (boots, rain coat, umbrella)
  • Warm clothes for night
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, single fitted sheet for the bed (you should try to put this all in a clearly labelled garbage bag for easy transportation in the rain) (beds are single bunk beds with vinyl covered mattresses)
  • Flashlight
  • Music stuff (instruments, reeds, mouthpieces)
  • We will have a talent night one night so if you need anything extra for that you can bring that too (guitar, etc.)
  • Camera
  • Prescription medication (check this in with Mr. Horner when you get there)

What not to Bring

  • Video games and valuables that you don’t need. These things do not live well in camp settings and you won’t have time to use them.
  • Lots of food (a few hidden snacks are okay and expected to get you through long days but excessive food in the cabin will encourage pests to enter the cabin; bears are actually a consideration but skunks are all over the place)
  • Weapons, knives, sharp objects
  • Illicit drugs, cigarettes, alcohol

Remember, you are responsible for carrying everything that you bring. Anticipate your needs for a variety conditions but don’t bring too much.

Meeting - Wed. Sept. 21 - 3:40-4:00

There will be a final meeting on Wednesday, September 21 in room 71 to go over last minute instructions. This should not take long. We will be reviewing any last minute information and reminding you of the spirit of the camp so that everyone has a great time.

Luggage check-in - Wed. Sept. 21

To save time and hassle, we will be checking in your luggage on Wednesday, September 21. Luggage will be put on a truck and will be waiting for you when you arrive at camp. You may take small things on the bus with you (backpack, flute) but you should check larger items (tubas). Fragile items (eg. Guitars in soft cases) should not go on the truck.

Items for the truck:

  1. Luggage (something carrying your clothes and personal belongings)
  2. Instrument (anything in a case as big as a trumpet or larger)
  3. Garbage bag with sleeping stuff (sleeping bag, pillow, sheets, blankets)


Each item should be labelled clearly (tape a sheet of paper and use a marker):

  1. Name
  2. School
  3. Cabin number (not available until Wednesday, September 21 and always subject to change)

When you check your luggage in, you will receive a tag to do this again. It doesn’t hurt to have backups.

We can accept luggage from 4:00-6:00 through the back door or room 71. If you need to bring it a little later, arrangements can be made.

NOTE: There is a possibility that luggage will need to be brought up Wednesday afternoon, if that happens, announcements will be made as soon as possible.

Spirit of camp

Camp is like many things. The better you prepare; the better your experience will be. The more you invest; the better your experience will be. There more you add to the community; the better your experience will be.

We expect campers to be safe and positive. We will be working with students from other schools and they are all music students so we expect you all to be awesome.

If you come to camp with a great attitude, I guarantee that this will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

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