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Throughout the last 10 months, Bayview Music has gone through a lot of hardship with the move to online learning and province wide performance restrictions. We have been working tirelessly to adapt our program to this new environment, however many challenges still lay ahead. Please read more to find out how you can improve our department and more importantly, the quality of your student’s education.

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Benefits of Music

Here at Bayview, we’re a tight knit community working towards learning the wonders of music. From joining band to participating in Music Council, there’s new opportunities here for everyone, no matter if you’re a pro or a beginner. Even a pandemic can’t stop us!

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Performer Features

Hey Bayview! Wanna share your talent and be showcased on our instagram feed? Sign up for Bayview Music's monthly Performer Features!

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Bayview Fall Showcase 2020

Our 2020 Fall Showcase is coming up soon! Click HERE to watch the part 1 recording of last year's fall showcase! Click HERE to watch part 2!

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Fall Showcase

Baking Night

Baking Night

It's that time of the year again! Come join us at Bayview Music's first Baking Night. We will be making freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Make sure to participate for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

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Music Tutoring

Interested in improving your musical capabilities? Sign up with a tutor!

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Music Tutors

Upcoming Events of the 2020-21 Season

News / Reminders

  • Grade 12 Appreciation Video!

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